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Unit 1 - Energy & Motion


free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.


Lesson 1.1



Single stage energy transfers, and ideas about useful and wasted energy.


Lesson 1.2




Multi-stage energy transfers.



Lesson 1.3





Planning an investigation into how drop height affects bounce height.


Lesson 1.4





Collecting data, graphing and analysis of the practical.



Lesson 1.5



Methods of generating electricity, including renewable and non-renewable resources.


Lesson 1.6





More about electricity generation, including how conventional power stations work, and ideas about environmental effects.



Lesson 1.7




How do we measure speed?  Covers ideas about units of measurement and relative motion too.


Lesson 1.8




How do we calculate speed?  Includes rearranging a formula, using an equation triangle.




Lesson 1.9



Practical work, investigating the speed of a lego car.


Lesson 1.10




Consolidation activities, covering ideas about speed and energy in the context of pendulums.  Includes examples of Newton's cradle and a wave pendulum.






Lots of revision materials, worksheets and more!


Includes a complete summary sheet for the module.







Assessment materials


Testing, target setting and more.  Coming soon.



A Cranky wind up toy :)



The first half of this module encourages students to explore their ideas about energy, and introduces key concepts required to describe the energy changes which take place in simple devices.  Methods of generating electrical energy are also explored.  The second half looks at students' ideas about speed, and investigates how  speeds can be measured and calculated.


You will also find a lesson on pendulums, which is optional, but could be used to consolidate ideas about energy.  There is page of revision materials and activities to choose from, which can be set as additional homeworks or extra extension tasks.


Click here to download the scheme of work as a word document.







1.1  Simple energy transfers  Single stage transfers only.
1.2  Complex energy transfers  Multi-stage energy transfers.
1.3  Bouncing balls - planning  Method, results table, hypothesis.
1.4  Bouncing balls - practical & analysis  Collect and graph data, conclude.
1.5  Producing electrical energy 1  Renewable & non-renewable.
1.6  Producing electrical energy 2  Research project.
1.7  Measuring speed  Focus on concepts and units.
1.8  Calculating speed  Develop mathematical skills.
1.9  Investigating speed  Practical work.
1.10  Pendulums  Optional consolidation work.
1.11  Test  
1.12  Test review and target setting