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Rogue Physicist.  Free resources for physics education © 2006-2016 Dorian Pascoe.  Email:

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welcome to rogue physicist.  free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.


KS3 Physics




Resources for teaching KS3 physics.



KS4 Physics




Resources for teaching GCSE physics.  Covers a range of examination boards.


• KS4 Core Physics

• KS4 Triple Physics*

• Past papers**


*Triple phyics course coming soon

**ocr gcse papers coming soon



KS5 Physics




Resources for teaching A Level physics, tailored to the OCR B Advancing Physics course.


• G491          • G492

• G494          • G495






Interesting videos about physical phenomena, space, and other things.


You'll also find lots of videos on the lesson pages.








Books I have enjoyed, and free e-books from project Gutenburg.


Free Posters




Fantastic space posters, in high resolutions and free to use and print.


Produced by Randall Munroe of XKCD.



Interesting Links




Interesting websites to visit, with lots of links to free simulations, applets and software.  Also lots of astronomy information, meteor shower guides etc.


HAB Project




I led students in launching a meteorological balloon high into the stratosphere into the region classified as “near space”. See the images and the news article here.








How to run the simulations, and details of hardware and software requirements.  Also Includes licensing information and installation sets for free simulations, applets and software.


About Me





I make the resources and pages.  Find out things about me on this page.





Computer models and simulations from PhET.



HTML5 simulations run on tablets and mobiles too :)



There's interactive Flash animations.

(PC, Mac & Linux only - no tablet support)



...and fantastic Java applets

(PC, Mac & Linux only - no tablet support)



...including some applets from the excellent Walter Fendt suite!




Welcome to Rogue Physicist.    The site contains computer simulations, animations, video clips, worksheets, notes, scaffolding and support materials, revision materials, and other activities.  The content is tailored to support the teaching and learning of physics for UK secondary school and sixth form students from 11 to 18 years.


Visit the Key Stage 3 section for resources to support teaching and learning in the first two to three years of secondary school.  Visit the Key Stage 4 section to find resources to support the teaching and learning of GCSE Physics qualifications.  Visit the Key Stage 5 section for resources to support the teaching and learning of advanced level AS or A2 qualifications.


Almost all the content here is free to use for non-commercial educational purposes.  A small number of resources require a licence to use, because they were purchased as part of an educational package.  These resources can only be accessed with a password.


Most of the software is open source, so you can modify or add to it if you wish.  There are lots of great simulations from the PhET suite, and applets from Walter Fendt and others.  Many of the applets have been written in HTML5, so they run on mobile devices and tablets.  Some applets use Sun Java software, and Macromedia Flash, so only work on PCs, and not on mobile devices or tablets.  Licensing info can be found here.


Visit the videos page for interesting things to watch, and there are loads of embedded videos in the lesson pages too.  The  YouTube channel, twitter feed and facebook page are coming soon.


The site is optimised for display on an interactive whiteboard at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels, but is designed to work at higher resolutions too.  The content is updated regularly, so let me know if a link does not work or if you have comments, queries or suggestions.


I have created most of the content, but much of the inspiration and many of the ideas have come from the brilliant practitioners I have worked with, through my career in teaching and whilst working as an educational provider in primary and secondary schools, FE colleges, and science shows.


Have fun browsing and I hope you find something interesting to read, watch, do, or to use in your teaching or learning.