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Walter Fendt.

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The animations, simulations and software here are all free to use, and many of them are open source, so you can modify and add to them if you wish.  Most of the worksheets have been written by me, and some were given to me by colleagues over the years.  These materials are free to use for non-commercial educational purposes.


Many of the simulations here are from the brilliant PhET Project (Physics Education Technology).  Visit http://phet.colorado.edu and see here for  detailed licensing info and options.



There are also some great simulations here from Walter Fendt, which are free to use as applets in WWW pages.  Visit http://www.walter-fendt.de/ph6en/ and see his site for more detailed licensing info.



PhET simulations and other software covered by the GNU General Public License can be:


Software and content covered by the Creative Commons - Atribution licence can be:






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Some of the documents and resources here require a license to use (e.g. the worksheets for the Advancing Physics course), as they have been purchased as part of a package.  These documents can only be accessed with a password.






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Many of the resources here are in Microsoft Office document formats.  If you do not have a compatible office suite installed on your computer, you will need to install the Microsoft Word Document Viewer, the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer, and the Microsoft Excel Viewer.



Alternatively try installing the completely free OpenOffice Suite.  It can open all the standard Microsoft Office document formats, and loads of other formats too.