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Unit 4 - Forces, Pressure & Moments


free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.


Lesson 4.1




Describing forces, measuring forces using a newton meter.


Lesson 4.2




Covers ideas about friction and air resistance, and fluid resistance.



Lesson 4.3





Lessons and activities for teaching about forces.


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Lesson 4.4





Lessons and activities for teaching about forces.


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Revision materials


Lots of revision materials, worksheets and more!  Includes a complete summary sheet for the module.


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Assessment materials


Testing, target setting and more.  Coming soon.




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The first half of this module explores ideas about forces.  Students develop their use of technical scientific language in order to describe forces, practice measuring forces, learn to recognise whether forces are balanced or unbalanced, and calculate resultant forces.  The second half of this module builds on this and extends the work on forces to include ideas about pressure in solids, and ideas about moments and levers.


Ideas about pressure in liquids and gases are not covered in this module.  These concepts are introduced in unit 6.


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Examples of resources in this module




1. Investigate friction using this applet.









Click below to open the simulation in full screen mode



Thanks to PhET for this awesome simulation :)



HTML 5 technology!







2. Investigate how forces affect motion.




Teacher notes will be available here, at some point.

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Thanks to PhET for this awesome simulation :)



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 Describing and Measuring Forces

Introduction to common forces - weight, air resistance, friction, upthrust etc.  Develop scientific vocabulary to describe forces.



 Friction & Air resistance




 Investigating Air Resistance

Parachute resistance race



 Balanced & Unbalanced Forces

Consolidating ideas of of friction, air resistance.



 Pressure in Solids



 Investigating Levers




 Investigating Moments



 Calculating Moments






 Test review and target setting