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....free space posters...!






XKCD's Things for walls




Visit www.xkcd.com















XKCD is a fantastic web comic, written by Randall Munroe - a mathematician and ex-NASA robotics scientist.  He has produced these FANTASTIC free posters - in high resolution, and all with space themes.  Click the images below to view or download posters individually (PNG format), or click the links below to download collections of posters in PDF format.


1.) XKCD Space posters

2.) More XKCD space posters


Click the images to download individual posters.


Left: Saturn V blueprints, labelled using only the thousand most common words.

Right: the entire observable universe - heights accurate on a logarithmic scale.

Print them yourself, or buy high resolution poster prints at www.xkcd.com



Gravity wells for objects in our solar system, scaled to Earth's surface gravity.

Edited for classroom display.  Image credit: XKCD




Gravity wells poster - unedited original version.  Image credit: XKCD

Warning: NOT safe for classroom display!



Exoplanets.  Image credit: XKCD



Payloads, measured in horses.  Image credit: XKCD



XKCD comic strip - Spirit Mars Rover.  Image credit: XKCD.



XKCD comic strip - Opportunity Mars Rover.  Image credit: XKCD.



Also, I thoroughly recommend you check out his new book!


Find out more on the books page.