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...Key Stage 5...


free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.






Imaging, signalling, electricity, sensing circuits and materials.


Ch 1. Imaging

Ch 2. Sensing

Ch 3. Signalling

Ch 4. Materials








Waves, quantum behaviour, particles, motion and more.


Ch 6. Wave behaviour

Ch 9. Computing the next move







Relativity, momentum, space physics and gas physics.









Relativity, momentum, space physics and gas physics.


Ch 15. EM machines

Ch 18. Ionising Radiation






Revision materials for all modules, including notes, online text books and more.


Past papers





Past papers and mark schemes for all modules.  Over 100 past papers available.




Advancing Physics.

A brilliant A-Level course.


Studying physics will make you this clever.



AS Physics.  Woohoo!




A2 Physics.  Yeah!



I want to study physics!



The pages here contain resources for the Advanced Level AS and A2 qualifications which form the Advancing Physics course* (OCR specification B).


The course is a modern and forward thinking course, originally designed by the Institute of Physics, and now owned by Oxford University Press.  It is a fantastic A-Level course which covers  some really interesting work on signal processing and audio signals, image manipulation and information theory.  The course explores ideas about superposition phenomena such as thin film interference and laser interference patterns; standing waves are examined in detail and these ideas are then linked to the AS work on quantum mechanics and the particle physics work in the A2 course.


Follow the links at the top of the page to find the relevant resources for the modules you are studying.  You may also wish to visit the Advancing Physics website, which provides additional resources, materials and reading.


The AS Physics course* comprises two modules.  G491 covers ideas about imaging, sensing using electrical systems, signals, and materials; G492 covers ideas about wave behaviour, quantum behaviour, forces, and motion.


Students undertake a two part coursework task - G493.  Part 1 requires students to produce a presentation, based on their research of a specialist material.  Part 2 requires students to consider the accuracy of their measurements of physical quantities, and how to improve the accuracy of a measurement, in the context of an investigative practical task.


The A2 Physics course also comprises two modules.  G494 covers ideas about modelling, circular motion and orbits, momentum, gravitational fields, space, time and relativity, ideas about the structure of the universe, and lots more.  G495 covers ideas about charges and fields, particles, and radiation.


Students also undertake a two part coursework task.  Part 1 requires students to produce a report, based on their research of a topic outside the A-Level specification.  Part 2 requires students to undertake an extended investigative practical task into a topic of their choice.


*This exam specification changed recently.  This information reflects the LEGACY course structure/content, and I will no longer be teaching this course as of September 2016 - so the information here is unlikely to be updated any time soon.  Please check against the latest version of the exam specification to verify details of course content and structure.