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Additional Physics

Unit 1




Covers ideas about speed, acceleration, motion graphs, balanced and unbalanced forces, terminal velocity, stopping distances, car safety features and more.



Additional Physics

Unit 2




Covers ideas about kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, momentum, work, and more.



Additional Physics

Unit 3



Covers ideas about  static and current electricity, electric fields, semiconductors, mains electricity and more.



Additional Physics

Unit 4




Covers ideas about atomic structure, nuclear decay equations, half-life calculations, fission and fusion, and more.


Additional Physics

Exam spec


Exam specification


Additional physics is studied by all students taking double or triple science.


Details of the course content can be seen on pages 46 - 77 of the exam specification.



Additional Physics

Past papers



Past papers and mark schemes for all modules.  Over 100 past papers available.


A formula sheet covering some useful formulae used in the course can be found here.







Forces & Motion

Speed - concepts, units and calculations



Acceleration - concepts, units and calculations



Motion Graphs I - Distance/time graphs



Motion Graphs II - Speed/time graphs



Resultant Forces I - Balanced, unbalanced forces and resultant forces. 



Resultant Forces II - Forces affecting motion



Newton's Laws - Force, mass, acceleration



Mass and weight



Terminal Speed Extended writing opportunity




Energy & Momentum

Mock Exams revision list



Work done



Kinetic and potential energy



Physics of transport


Test 1

The test paper covers the content from the topics of "forces and motion" and "energy and momentum".  Teachers can download the test here.





Voltage and current measurement






IV graphs



Mains Electricity



Fuses and circuit breakers Extended writing opportunity



Test - Electricity





Nature of radioactivity



Background radiation



Radon in homes



Medical uses of radioactivity



Half Life



Uses of radioactivity



Problems with radioactive waste