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Unit 3 - Electricity & Magnetism


free simulations, worksheets, videos, images, animations and more.


Lesson 3.1



Ideas about magnets and magnetic fields.


Lesson 3.2




Students investigate how steel can be magnetised or demagnetised, and explore the process using ideas about domains.



Lesson 3.3



Students explore ideas about charges, and how charges can be transferred by friction


Lesson 3.4




Students explore a range of phenomena, using ideas about charges.  Includes demonstrations with a Van de Graaff generator.



Lesson 3.5




Current as the flow of electrical charges.


Lesson 3.6




Drawing and interpreting circuit diagrams, buiding circuits, and switches.



Lesson 3.7



Building circuits, measuring voltage and current.


Lesson 3.8



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Revision materials


Lots of revision materials, worksheets and more!  Includes a complete summary sheet for the module.


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Assessment materials


Testing, target setting and more.  Coming soon.





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This module builds on students' existing knowledge about electricity and magnetism; ideas are explored and developed using discussion work,  practical work, models, and computer simulations.  Many key concepts, essential to an understanding of the GCSE content, are introduced.  The emphasis is on developing skills, including building circuits, fault finding, measuring voltages and currents, and drawing circuit diagrams.  Students also develop a qualitative understanding of voltage, current and resistance, and extension work provides opportunities to develop quantitative understanding of these ideas.